Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #144

Holding the Hands

In Chi Sau黐手 there are some bad hand techniques that will not lead us to a high level of skill. Some people feel afraid when they Chi Sau with seniors and this makes then tense and use a lot of strength and grab hold of the senior’s hand. This is a very bad habit. This is the same as someone grabbing hold of one of your own hands. All you need to do is attack them with your free hand. You don’t need to worry about their hand as it will not let go as they are scared that you will hit them with that hand anyway.

You might be frightened of the senior hitting you with both hands and so you grab both. However eventually you will find it very difficult to defend yourself and then the hands that you are grabbing hold with will become your weakness and this is the time that the senior will hit you.  Holding somebody’s hands very firmly shows you are scared and have a low level of skill.

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