Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #145

Do Not Be Afraid If Your Hands Are Grabbed

As I said last time, holding on to your opponent’s hands is a very bad habit in Chi Sau黐手. Having said that, from time to time we will hold our opponent’s hands, but we will not hold on for too long and we will also not hold them too tightly.  We hold them in order to test them. When we grab their hands if they avoid it and not receive it, it means that level is low and they are afraid. All we need to do is test them or give them a little more force and then they will become tenser and try and move more, then they’re mistake will show. Then when we attack them they will be finished.

Being afraid of somebody grabbing hold of your hands is not a good Wing Chun Chi Sau attitude. The more difficulties we face, the more we have to relax and then we can feel the situation. When our opponent attacks we will know a very clear way to defend and even counter attack.  Once our hands are grabbed all we need to do is keep enough distance so that they cannot reach us unless they lean or step forwards. In this way we are safe, so we should not be afraid if our hands are grabbed.  On the contrary, if your level is high, you will like it when your opponent grabs hold of your hands because you will know what will they do next.

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