Master Tses Wing Chun Note #147

Relaxation in Chi Sau

Every time we Chi Sau we should try to relax. Naturally when we are fighting or in a situation where somebody is attacking us we will become tense. When studying Wing Chun we need to learn how to relax during these situations during the confusion and during the danger. Relaxation is the key for Wing Chun and for reaching a high level.

It is a very bad habit to tense up when we are doing Chi Sau.  Although when we tense up it looks like strong, our strength might be able to hit the juniors, but when we come to the seniors they will control or use the energy very easily.  When we Chi Sau with seniors, even if we are relaxed, because they are so good they will still make you tense then they can use your energy against you to be able to attack you or control you, so learning how to relax is so important.

Being relaxed does not mean we do not use energy or power, we can see when seniors attack they are strong and powerful, but this means they use it in the right situation and so can finish their opponent quickly.


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