Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #148

Step Back

Wing Chun Note 64If our opponent makes us tense what should we do? The answer is we should use a foot work to step back and keep a distance so that they cannot get close to us. During double hand Chi Sau,  a lot of students do not know what to do when they are attacked  and their opponents Taan Sau攤手 or their Laap Sau擸手  is getting close.  Actually the answer is all they need to do is let go of one hand so then they will make more room for themselves. Whenever we are in a vulnerable situation we become tense and do not know what to do or we just try and fight back. This is wrong. We need to relax, and keep our distance, so we should step back. To do this the solution is to let go of one hand.

Good Wing Chun skill makes your opponent tense, vulnerable and do crazy things, we can even make them exhausted. All this begins with relaxation.


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