Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #149

Do Not Hit Back

Wing Chun Class in Notting Hill GateAnother bad habit during Chi Sau黐手 is ego. When we practice Chi Sau we need to think of it as training so there are no winners or losers only improving together. If this is the case we do not need to worry about being hit. My Sifu, Grandmaster Ip Chun 師父葉準 says, “Without getting hit we cannot get better even me.”  This is very true. Therefore we have Chi Sau techniques which we try with our Wing Chun brothers and sisters.  Nobody is trying to hit each other until we are good enough and can handle an opponent who we do not know.

There are students who whenever they get hit just try and hit back at the same time. Generally we should stop and think about why we got hit and how we can avoid the situation the next time. Just hitting back is a very bad habit, we should relax and think about what has happened and find the solution, then your skill will improve. Ego is always an obstruction to an improvement.


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