Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #152

Bad Posture

During Chi Sau黐手 there are some students who do not keep a good posture, most of them hunch their back because they are trying to keep their elbows in it and it is an easy mistake to arch the back.  This is wrong and we should not allow our elbow position to affect keeping our back straight. If the back is not straight then we will not be healthy as our breathing will be affected since the lungs become tense.  Hunching the back and leaning forwards will also affect our Wing Chun techniques and also our footwork. When we want to move forwards, backwards, left or right we should keep a straight back as a straight back will make the body light, the breathing easy and so we are more mobile. Good footwork is one of the keys to good Wing Chun skill.

Another mistake is leaning backwards when somebody is attacking us. This will also make us tense and result in us getting hit. Keeping a good straight back all the time during Chi Sau practice is very important.


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