Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #157

Leaning Forwards when Attacking

When we are attacking, whether it is in Chi Sau 黐手 or fighting, we must keep our weight on back leg. This is one of the principles of Wing Chun. Many beginners, when they are learning attacking techniques, for example punching, often lean forwards and we can see their weight is on the front leg and the heel of their back foot lifts up. This is a very bad habit. We should remember that even though we are attacking it does not mean our attack will work every time. It is like going from your home to your work, usually it takes 30 minutes, but sometimes the traffic can be very busy and so it can take much longer and if you do not allow for this you will be late.  If we are fighting especially, with Wing Chun people, they will be more sensitive and their footwork will be very active. Therefore they will move when we attack them so if we are leaning forwards and we will miss they can easily Laap Sau us by grabbing hold of our arm and pulling us off balance. This bad habit will therefore lead us to injury or even worse. When we attack we should keep our weight more on our back leg so that we are very solid, then we can continue to attack, or if necessary we can withdraw.

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