Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #162

Step Back 3 Times

If during Chi Sau黐手 our partner is using a lot of force that we cannot control, the correct thing to do is step back. However, there is a limit to stepping back. We should not step back more than three times, otherwise the opponent will be able to predict our movements and hit us. Stepping forwards is faster than stepping backwards, so we cannot just keep stepping back. The best strategy is to hit back on the third step as our partner will not be expecting us to strike back and the faster they move forwards then the more easily they will be hit.

Often the opponent will use the same technique each time they move forwards to attack and so we need to know how to counter it. For example they will usually use a Paak Sau拍手and a punch沖拳. When we step back we need to step just a little bit quicker than they move forwards to encourage them to keep attacking, and we need to manage the distance so that there is just enough for us to hit back without having to move forwards.

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