Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #163

Kwan Sau 綑手

Kwun SauIn Chi Sau黐手, when we are being attacked, Kwan Sau 綑手 is one of the best techniques to us, although it requires a certain Gung Lihk to do well. Kwan Sau is formed using a Taan Sau攤手and a Low Bong Sau低膀手. Once they attack we use Taan Sau to block their front hand, when they attack again we drop the Taan Sau which become Low Bong Sau and our other hand come out as Taan Sau to meet their new attack, making Kwan Sau. When they attack again, the Taan Sau drops and the Low Bong Sau moves up from the inside to the outside to become Taan Sau. Do not use Jyun Maah轉馬to turn the Kwan Sau as it is too slow a response. When we train Kwan Sau individually we should need to practise it together with Jyun Maah as it trains the footwork and trains how the Kwan Sau movement comes from the waist. Remember training is different to fighting.

As before, we should not use Kwan Sau more than three times. On the third Kwan Sau we our Taan Sau should Laap the opponent’s hand pulling to down so we can punch沖拳 or Pek劈(chop). Remember, when we defend we should not use the same movement more than three times.

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