Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #164

Gaan Sau 挌手

After we have learnt how to use Kwan Sau 綑手 we then need to know how to use Gaan Sau 挌手.  When practicing the wooden dummy we use these two techniques in every section. Gaan Sau and Kwan Sau  I like bothers. Kwan Sau comes from the Inside to defend our centre and Gaan Sau comes from the outside to defend the centre. Both these techniques should not be used more than 3 times in a row.

Gaan Sau is made from two kinds of Gaan Sau, Upper Gaan Sau and Lower Gaan Sau. The Upper Gaan Sau looks a bit like Taan Sau 攤手, as the palm is open and the middle finger is throat height. The Lower Gaan Sau the palm faces in and the hand is waist height so that the point two fingers above the wrist lies on the Centreline. These two form the complete Gaan Sau and they block any attacks from the outside in. It is rare that we use Gaan Sau, but when we have no contact, our opponent keeps attacking and we have no room to step back then we use Gaan Sau to block all the attacks. Again we only use it 3 times and then when we have contact we will use Laap Sau 擸手 together with a punch or a Pek 劈 to finish them.

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