Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #166

Continuous Wùh Sāu   護手

When we are defending we can also continuously use  Wùh Sāu  護手. When our opponent attacks us we stretch our our Wùh Sāu and this become Coeng Wùh Sāu長護手-Long Wùh Sāu. The close Wùh Sāu is replaced be the withdrawing front hand and so the Wùh Sāu swop over. Every time the opponent attack we shoot the Wùh Sāu forwards out from the centre to block their attacking hand. Then the other hand moves back to the centre in front of the chest to make a normal Wùh Sāu. So one is out to block and other is in and prepared, so they can keep swopping over until we are safe. On my early training I saw a young beginner just using Wùh Sāu to defence a senior’s attack, who could not do anything to him.

The continuous Wùh Sāu is actually easier to use than the Kwan Sau, but the more we use it the more energy we will also use, so we should think about how we change the Coeng Wùh Sāu into a Laap Sāu 擸手to attack back.

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