Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #169

Double Bóng  Sáu 雙膀手 Pt3

If our opponent only lightly touches our Double Bóng Sáu, we can move our palms to above their wrists and quickly Laap Sau 擸手 them, pulling them in towards us, a little like Jaht Sáu 窒手.  This will make them loose their balance and we can quickly strike using Pek 劈, a punch or even our palm. We can strike with either hand or we can even use both palms to push them away.

It should all happen very quickly and so we do not have time to think about it. After many years of Wing Chun training our techniques should come natural, very smoothly and this will make them very fast. Then you can imagine that everything will come very naturally and instinctively. Therefore a technique like the Double Bóng Sáu must come naturally and we will not hold it for long. So we must decide quickly and know that the opponent will not attack and attack first as this position is quite weak.

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