Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #171

Double Bóng Sáu 雙膀手 Pt5

When we are in a situation where we are using the Double Bóng Sáu 雙膀手, we need to make sure our hands are soft and sensitive. If our opponent does not do anything then we can change one hand to a Tāan Sáu 攤手 and at the same time turn using Jyún Máh 轉馬, the other hand remains the same but is a Dāi Bóng Sáu 底膀手 . This means we have changed to a Kwán Sáu 綑手.

Once we have changed to a Kwán Sáu, our Tāan Sáu can immediately hit our opponent, changing to a palm strike. We can then continue to hit the opponent with our other hand, which means our Bóng Sáu comes over their hand and changes to hit their face. The striking hand will then change to Laap Sáu 擸手, keeping the elbow higher (a bit like a Bóng Sáu) and so we can continually hit our opponent, alternating from one hand to the other.

In Wing Chun we always hit more than once as this will make sure we beat the opponent quickly. So the Double Bóng Sáu is an amazing skill for trapping the opponent’s hands.

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