Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #172

Double Bóng Sáu 雙膀手pt 6

When we are in Double Bóng Sáu 雙膀手, we can also change from soft to strong Dāi Bóng Sáu 底膀手, which is like the movement in Tsum Kìuh (Chahm Kìuh) 尋橋. When we feel that the opponent’s hands are soft, but we still have some strength in our forearms, we can use this to make a good contact and stick strongly to them. We can then push forwards using Dāi Bóng whilst stepping forwards using Jeun  Máh 進馬 (so one foot will be forwards and the other behind). If we push correctly we can make the opponent lose their balance and even fall over. To use the Dai Bong our sensitivity must be very good and we must know their energy very well. When we feel the opponent is committing, then we can push them. However, we must remember that if they are holding very strongly, then we cannot use Dāi Bóng and should change to Kwán Sáu 綑手 instead. So, one way can be soft, using Kwán Sáu, or it can be strong using Dāi Bóng. This is all based on the energy our opponent gives us so we can make the right choice.

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