Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #174

Wing Chun Ancestor Instructions I  詠春祖訓 1

Meng Zi 孟子 said, “No compass, no ruler you cannot make a circle and a square  無規矩不能成方圓”. To build a house, to make a table or a chair, we need the proper equipment in order to get all our measurements right.  Our Wing Chun ancestors gave us nine instructions anyone studying Wing Chun, generation after generation to follow. Today Wing Chun has grown and become very popular because many Wing Chun Sifus are following the Ancestor Instructions and have a good heart, respect the skill and their Sifu. They are not bullies and teach violence.

The first instruction is “Be disciplined and respect the Wu De (Kung Fu morals) 守紀律崇尚武德”

Anyone who studies martial arts will find there is always discipline in the school or Wu Guan 武館 – Chinese Kung Fu School. There are a lot of different systems and ways to behave depending on the Wu Guan. For example when you come to the school and see your Sifu and seniors you address them by their titles or bow to them. During training you follow and do what your Sifu and seniors tell you. When you are at home you practise which is like doing your homework. When you leave the Wu Guan you say goodbye to your Sifu and seniors and bow to them etc. Although some classes are booked in hours like us, as students once we walk in the hall which we practise our skills we should still follow the discipline of that school.


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