Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #175

Wing Chun Ancestor Instruction I 詠春祖訓 Pt 2

Master Tse and Grandmaster Ip Chun

Every Wu Guan 武館 or schools has its own rules and discipline that it follows. That is a basic requirement for a Wing Chun student. They should follow the rules otherwise the Sifu cannot teach them. For a student to learn they must listen and follow the instructions.

Wu De 武德 are the moral codes that all Chinese martial arts follow. When we learn fighting skills we can easily harm other people so we must all use the skill properly. Wing Chun is a very powerful and serious fighting skill. So we must learn how to control ourselves and not use it to bully or take advantage of others. We should only use the skill for self-defence and to protect others who are victims of violence and to save lives. So the Wu De applies to all kinds of Kung Fu and not just Wing Chun

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