Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #177

Wing Chun Ancestor Instruction II 詠春祖訓 Pt 3

The last part of the second instruction is “Love your country and respect your parents愛國尊親” This is quite right. We should love whichever country we are from. In the past, when these instructions were written, they were of course talking about China. Every Chinese person should love China and want it to be good. We should not want it to suffer and be invaded. So we should love and protect the country. Today many Chinese people live overseas and we should love the country we are living in, contribute to the country we make a living from and help to make it a better place for all as citizens. We should also love the country where our ancestors came from.

Wing Chun skill comes from China, so everyone who studies Wing Chun should love their own country and also love China because that is where the skill came from.

We should respect our parents as they gave us life and a chance to see and experience this world. It does not matter whether we feel they are good or bad, we still have this chance and so we should still respect them. It is the same with your Sifu. You should respect him or her because they taught you this skill so you have a chance to learn it, to be good at it, to be healthy and to learn a good philosophy.

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