Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #178

Ancestor Instructions III 詠春祖訓 – pt1

The third Wing Chun Ancestor Instruction is “Love your Kung Fu brothers and sisters, unite and enjoy being a group 愛同學團結樂羣.” Love your Kung Fu brothers and sisters, this means you should be very close, then your training will be more enjoyable and you will develop quicker. Whatever we are learning we should share, workout and discuss with our friends. To train Wing Chun we definitely need a partner and more. There are people who just concentrate on practising techniques and do not focus on Chī Sáu, this however will not lead them to develop a good Wing Chun skill. High level Wing Chun skill uses less strength to overcome a stronger opponent and this is the reason we must train Chī Sáu. If we only focus on training techniques we will become stiff and use too much energy.  During Chī Sáu we learn to read our opponents energy to divert them or use it back against them.  Sometimes when doing Chī Sáu we might accidentally hit one another, but we beat each other in a friendly way.  So it is very important to get along and care about each other and then we can work out the techniques together and improve each other.  In this way we are all like brothers and sisters, and most of the time brothers and sisters are very close.  In Wing Chun we come together because of the Chī Sáu training.

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