Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #180

Wing Chun Ancestor Instruction IV 詠春祖訓 – pt1

The fourth Wing Chun Ancestor Instruction says, “Control your passion (including sex). Protect your Jing and Shen (energy) 節色慾保守精神”. Chinese medicine always suggests controlling one’s passion, which also includes not having sex regularly particular when you are well.  This is in order to save your energy because all these things result in us losing our energy. We should control our passions and this includes any addictions we have, for example to drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling, sex and overeating.  Whenever we find we have to have that regularly without that we will be unhappy and unwell, then it means we are addicted to it. The more of those things we have the greater effect it has on our energy making it weaker. They use our Qi and this makes us feel tired, emotional and can even make us sick.  This is definitely not healthy and if we are not healthy how can we defend ourselves if we need to fight?

Wing Chun Kung Fu it is not just about fighting, it is also about good exercise, having a good philosophy and a healthy skill which will make us all into healthier and better people.  Buddhism and Daoism says, “Calm mind, less passion 清心寡慾.”  So we can see that in order to have a calm mind we need to have fewer passions. Then in the end we do not need so many things and we can still feel good and happy.

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