Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #181

Wing Ancestor Instruction IV – pt2

The second part of Wing Chun Ancestor Instruction IV says, “Protect the Jing and Shen 保守精神”.  Protecting our Jing 精 and Shen 神 is important.  Jing is our sexual energy, we say that no sexual addiction helps save our energy.  Every time we have sex we will feel tired and many people need to sleep, this means we are losing our Qi.  This is particularly relevant to older people who have less sexual energy.  So protecting our Jing also saves our Shen, which is our spiritual energy. If somebody has good spirit then they will also have more energy and be healthy. Without saving the Jing we cannot have a good spirit as we must save the energy we create first.  In Chinese medicine when we feel good, when we have had a good meal, been on a good holiday or done some exercise the first energy that is created is Jing- sexual energy. If we save it then it will transform into Qi 氣, which is Vital Energy and this makes our organs strong.  If we can save our Qi, then it will transform into Shen, which is Spiritual Energy. We can see the Shen in our attitude, our face and our thinking.  So protecting the Jing and Shen is good for health and then we will have more energy to practice our Wing Chun, which in turn will create more Jing and Shen.

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