Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #185

Ancestor Instruction  詠春祖訓 VI  pt2

Wing Chun Ancestor Instruction VI, “Nourish your Qi.  Confrontation and fighting are forbidden 學養氣 戒濫鬥爭.”  Many people, once they have learnt a martial art skill like to fight. Of course, martial arts are for fighting, but someone who knows a martial art has an advantage over someone who does not. With this advantage they can, more or less, beat someone who does not know any fighting skill. This means a martial art gives you some kind of power and you can really hurt or even seriously injure another person. Therefore anyone who studies a martial art must control themselves and not user their skill to harm others. This is why Ancestor Instruction VI says, “Confrontations and fighting are forbidden 戒濫鬥爭.” We must stay calm and in control. In the movie Ip Man, where Donnie Yen plays Grandmaster Ip Man, because of his high level skill other masters come to challenge him. Even so he treats them very well, even offering one of them to join him for a meal and then afterwards they have their fight. Before they start Ip Man has the doors closed so that no one will know who wins. This is being very humble and modest and is an example to all of us. With a high level Kung Fu just one strike can seriously injure or even kill, so we must never fight without a good reason.

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