Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #186

Ancestor Instruction 詠春祖訓 VII Pt 1

Wing Chun TrainingWing Chun Ancestor Instruction VII is, “Be gentle when handling any events and situations 常處世態度温文.”  Ancestor Instruction VI said, “Nourish you Qi, confrontations and fighting are forbidden 學養氣 戒濫鬥爭.”  This is very good rule, as we have talked about before, because avoiding confrontation and fighting is a good thing.  However, it is even better if we can “Be gentle when handling any events and situations.” This tells us we need to be gentle, particularly when we have Kung Fu skill as people who know we have such a skill can become intimidated and afraid of us.  This is because their image of people who study Kung Fu is one of being aggressive and violent.  They are afraid that if they disagree with us and do not want to listen, or follow, we will want to fight and hurt them. This is not good, anyone who is like this will never be a fair and good person and any influence they have is only based on their Kung Fu skill. Therefore we must not use our Kung Fu skill when dealing with problems. We must handle any situation in a way that people realise we are fair and we are not bullies. This gives all Kung Fu Masters a good image.  Chinese Kung Fu always teaches its students to have good morals, to be a good person, to be fair and use their skill in the right way.  This is Wu De 武德 the Martial Arts Morales or the Martial Arts Moral Code. When we are handling problems we do not even think about our skill so we can deal with things gently.  Often people ask Kung Fu masters if they use their skills to fight the master will usually say, “Only very occasionally, not often.” This is because they know how to handle things in the right way.

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