Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #187

Ancestor Instruction 詠春祖訓 VII Pt 2

We should not use our skill to fight when we have a problem, we should be calm and gentle and so give other people a good image of what martial artist is like. A good martial artist should be educated and well read, reading booking on good morals, like Rujia 儒家 (Confucianism), Daoism and Buddhism, and also history. This way they will know about what is right and wrong and also understand nature. Particularly for Chinese martial arts, we should read about the histories of other masters and their styles of Kung Fu 功夫 and we should also read Sunzi’s 孫子 Art of War. These will help us control our skill and when we understand the relationship between people, their thinking and background, then most of the time, we can find a good solution.

When we watch Kung Fu movies, the master in the story is always forced to fight, whereas normally they are gentle and not aggressive at all. We cannot just learn Kung Fu without learning the philosophy behind it otherwise we are only learning to fight. So choosing a good Sīfú 師父 is very important. If the Sīfú has good skill and is gentle, then you have found a good Sīfú. But, if the Sīfú has good skill and is aggressive then you need to be careful. Whatever kind of teacher – develops that kind of student. Of course, if we really need to defend ourselves then we can do so and then we will have no time to think, plus we can also defend and protect other people, and this is the correct way to use our martial arts skill.



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