Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #188

Ancestor Instruction 詠春祖訓 VIII pt1

Wing Chun HistoryAncestor instruction VIII, “Protect the weak and small. Use your Kung Fu skill in a good way with integrity 扶弱小  以武輔仁.” This is very true, and is the right way to do things. If we have a good fighting skill we need to use it properly, just like a policeman who carries a gun, he cannot use it for whatever and whenever he wants. There are rules that he has to follow. If we have a good skill we must only use it when it is right to do so. Of course, protecting the weak and small and other victims is right, it is like being a superhero, we cannot use our strength to bully and take advantage of others. This is the right way for all martial arts, no matter which style you practice. We all learn how to use our martial art skill properly and we do not want our skill or martial arts in general to be looked down upon and disrespected as it is not only ourselves who will be disrespected.  If somebody you know is studying Wing Chun and they use their Wing Chun to bully and harm others, then people will think Wing Chun is bad.  So we must use this skill when it is right and when it is necessary, particularly when we see somebody suffering or we need to use it to defend them this is the main purpose for all martial arts.


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