Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #189

Ancestor Instruction 詠春祖訓  VIII pt2

photo Master Tse & Grandmaster Ip Chun
Master Tse & Grandmaster Ip Chun

Ancestor Instruction VIII, “Protect the weak and small. Use your Kung Fu skill in a good way with integrity 扶弱小  以武輔仁.”

Anybody who loves Kung Fu and martial arts wants to use it to find out how good they are.  It is true, when we are studying we do not know where we are up to and so if we come across somebody else you learn a martial art we would like to find out who is better. If that person is a friend then you might have a friendly contest and whoever wins or loses you do not take it too seriously.  However, we know the scale is for protecting the weak and small, and we should use our Kung Fu school in a good way with integrity.  So a friendly play or Spa with each other is the right way. Your Sīfú will encourage this, so Wing Chun has Chi Sau training. When I was young I had quite a few fights with other styles, a bit like in the old time in Hong Kong. In Bruce Lee’s time different styles would come together on rooftops of buildings and compete with each other. There was no reward and they just wanted to experience each other style of Kung Fu and it is a little bit like animals play fighting.  But one day if you have to use it for real it might be a matter of life or death.  So good natured, friendly training is a good way to develop as long as you are not trying to hurt each other.


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