Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #190

Ancestor Instruction 詠春祖訓 IX

Wing Chun Ancestor Instruction IX says, “Carry on our ancestors’ path. Strictly follow their instruction 繼先緖  謹持祖訓.”

“Carry on our ancestors’ path” means we need to think about everything we practice in Wing Chun.  We need to memorise the Ancestor Instructions and be able to recite them off by heart, because they are good rules and advice to follow.  We have a saying, ” With no ruler ore no compass you will not form a square or a circle 無規矩不能成方圓.”  If we want to do anything properly we need rules, equipment and principles to follow. Our ancestors have set these instructions for us to teach us how to be good Masters who want to use the skills properly and help others before helping ourselves. so we should carry on all the instructions  and never forget all of our ancestors from; Ńgh Mùih Sī Taai 五枚師太, Yim Wing Chun 嚴詠春, Leung Bok Chau 梁博儔, Leung Lan Gwai 梁蘭桂, Wong Wah Bo 黄華寶, Leung  Yee Tai 梁二娣, Leung Jan 梁贊, Chan Wah Shun 陳華順, my Sigong 師公 Ip Man葉問 and to my Sifu Ip Chun 葉準. Without these people we would never have the chance to learn this skill so we should be happy and grateful as the skill has made us the person we are today and we enjoyed the benefits to our health and nature.  Therefore we have a duty to carry on our ancestors’ path.

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