Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #191

Ancestor Instruction IX pt II

“Carry on our ancestors’ path.” As Wing Chun practitioners this is what we should do. “Strictly follow their instruction.”  This is more difficult. Chinese actually says, to follow of the ancestors’ instructions with discipline, however I have translated it as strictly. No matter what, to tell somebody to do something strictly or with discipline is not easy. Most people like to change what they do after a while, but to be successful we need discipline. Although it is not easy to follow instructions and to be disciplined it is no different to any Wing Chun training, we learn it, we follow, we follow regularly and after a while it becomes part of us. This is discipline.

Basically we need to follow only eight instructions. 1 – be disciplined, 2 – have courtesy,  3 – be a group, 4 – save things, 5 – practise, 6 – Nourish your Qi, 7 – be gentle, 8 – use it in a good way. This is not too much, but we can make it even simpler; practise, be disciplined, be nice to each other, get along with others, save our energy, use it when it is right.  If we can do this then we can all become a good person with a skill to help others, and then you can become a hero in the eyes of others and this is what Wing Chun study is about. Be a good person and use the skill to protect others when it is necessary, that is simple and a good thing to follow through life.



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