Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #198

 Quiet, Gentle and Still

Hard Soft Laap SauEverybody has been studying Wing Chun long enough has gained their own experience. All this experience is valuable. Sometimes we think that what we are doing is right, but  a few years later, after more mistakes made and more lessons learnt, we might change our minds and realise it is not quite right. This is good experience and teaches us to keep the good things that we do and stopped doing the bad things.

In my early days of Wing Chun, I would hit a lot and fight somebody even though they were bigger and stronger than me. I was fast and I could hit my opponents but sometimes because I was so eager to hit I would also get it back. Also I would sometimes move backwards and forwards a lot. Today I move less. I watch my Sīfú, Ip Chun 葉準師父 and he also moves less This is because we need to preserve our energy,  like birds flying on a long journey, they fly in a V shape as a group as this saves energy.  Another very important reason for not moving too much is because we need to be able to read our opponent’s energy. If we are light and still we will feel their energy and will be able to respond better when they strike. So in Wing Chun we are quiet, gentle and still before the real fight.


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