Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #202

Safety on the Street

How about the situation where someone suddenly attacks us out on the street? Realistically, if that person is very close to us and suddenly attacks us, we cannot defend it. So it is very important to keep a safe distance as soon as you are aware that someone intends to attack and hurt you. You cannot let them close to you. You must keep them far enough away so they cannot punch or kick you without stepping, even further is better. In a public situation, out on the street, we cannot let people we know mean to harm us and close to us. We should step back to keep a safe distance and if they still approach us we should walk away quickly or even start to run. If they chase you, then you definitely know they want to hurt you so run fast and shout for help. Keeping a distance is the security against any attack.

It is only in a situation where you cannot run away or they are going to hurt you and your family, then we should attack first, before they even realise it. Then you should find an exit and escape. We do not want to fight, but sometime we are forced to fight. Then we make it quick and then we escape.


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