Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #205

 Less Energy and Time

A good martial art always uses less energy against someone stronger than you. With regards to fighting techniques, there are many, but a lot of them use a lot of energy in order to win or might put us in a bad situation, for example grabbing someone on the floor. If our enemy had a partner it is very difficult cover ourselves if we are attacked from behind. So every time we attack we must make it quick and go right to the point, so we need to know where to strike to finish the fight. In reality there are no rules, no judge and so we need to know how to defend ourselves. Generally the head is the most important part. Therefore in Wing Chun and in Chī Sáu 黐手 we strike to the head and once we begin to attack we continue to attack more. Whether we are punching, chopping or using palm strikes etc. The strike should not take too much time and after one or two, it should be over. The third one is the last strike (for one person). Each attack should go to the head and then it is over. Of course that is when we have no choice but to fight, so we use less energy and use less time as this is a higher level.

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