Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #209

Like to Páak Sáu 拍手 a Lot pt 2

If your opponent likes to use Páak Sáu 拍手 when we have one hand in contact, we can sometimes use Gūng Lihk 功力 in our Wuh Sáu and let them hit our forearm a couple of times without letting go of our Wuh Sáu.  If our Gūng Lihk is strong we should be able to hold on for one or two Páak Sáu’s. Usually if they Páak Sáu once and find that we do not move they will use more energy the next time. After two attempts if they find our Wuh Sáu is still strong and holds onto the position the third attempt will be even harder. This is when we can use all the energy they put in.  We let go of our forward Wuh Sáu 護手, our rear Wuh Sáu comes out to cover their Páak Sáu and punch at the same time and our other hand will come back up very quickly and hit their face. The hit can be quite hard as it contains both their energy and ours, however it will not be enough to finish them even though it is quite hard. For this reason we must control ourselves, and so we must slow the strike at the last moment, stopping our hand just in front of their face so that they know they have lost.  Sometimes some people are very naughty and Páak Sáu and punch very hard. In this case I will strike the face and whilst it will make a very loud sound it will not really hurt them. This will make them realise they have gone too far in their attacking.


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