Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #210

Strong Hands

When you do a lot of Chī Sáu 黐手 you can come across someone whose hands are so strong you cannot even move them. When this happens you can easily become intimidated or even scared. However, Wing Chun skill is designed to deal with strong people and in order to deal with it we therefore need to face it.

The first thing to do is keep a safe distance, this is particularly true if we are using Fuhk Sáu 伏手, we should  keep a longer distance. When it comes to Tāan Sáu 攤手 we should go in closer. This is because strong people are usually big and do not like being closed up. Tāan Sáu is therefore a good technique to use and we should keep stepping forwards with it. When they go to step back we can hit them. Of course, in order to do this we need a certain amount of Gung Lihk 功力 to make it work.

Another way is to step to the side so we create an angle and in this situation we usually use two hands hold on one hand. This makes them use more energy against your hands and so we can hit their face or lower body more easily.

Do not be afraid of people who are stronger and taller than you, in fact you should face them and practice with them more.



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