Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #214

Holding Both Your Opponent’s Hands

Two Hands Trapped

What is the best way to hold on to your opponent’s hands during Chī Sáu 黐手?  If you are holding only one of their hands then your grip needs to be loose and you must not hold on for too long. Only hold them long enough to make contact with them. 

When you are holding both your opponent’s hands the best thing to do is to cross their arms over so that they are more tied up and cannot move easily. Once you are holding both of their hands give them a little bit of force to see how they react.  If they use energy and try to lift up their hands then this is the right time to hit as they will trap themselves more. If they relax then you need to step closer and hit quickly so that it is hard for them to defend themselves. When holding somebody’s hands you need to be able to read their energy. If you can read the energy then you will always be in control and be able to hit them.

If our hands are being held we should relax and maintain a safe distance. Then we can wait for the opponent to move and give us an opportunity to hit back.

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