Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #220

Benefits of Wing Chun Part 1

Wing Chun improves your Health
Wing Chun improves your Health

Did you know training Wing Chun for over five years changes you for the better? You become healthier, clearer and even wiser. Practising Wing Chun is not just about learning how to fight, it is more than that. Of course at the beginning, having seen and heard about all those great masters, in particular Grandmaster Ip Man 葉問, and how good they were, you think about leaning fighting. In my time, during the 70s it was because of Bruce Lee, because of his charm, charisma and his fighting skill. Then I started my Wing Chun training with my uncle, Tse Chui Hung, and after he passed away I continued with my Sīfú, Grandmaster Ip Chun 葉準, right up to now.

In the beginning I learnt Sīu Lim Tao 小念頭. We had to stand for a long time 20 minutes was normal but we could stand up to two hours. The longer we practised the more we enjoyed it, we felt good, it makes mind settled and Qi flows through the channels making the body warm and all our stress was gone. Of course there was a point where our legs grew too tired and even went numb. This was when we normally stopped, but this internal training affected our nature and our health making us calmer and healthy and we need this before we think about fighting.

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