Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #221

Benefits of Wing Chun pt2

Photo Master Tse using less energy to defend himself
Using less energy to defend

When we practise Chī Sáu 黐手with our brothers and sisters we learn how to use our Wing Chun techniques and how to attack and defend against them. At the beginning you get hit a lot, and then after a few years you get hit less and hit others more. After long time we get hit less and less and after a long time only we hit others most of the time. After a very long time we can choose to hit of just to play. Now we can control any situation, have no fear when defending and using less energy to win. None can hit us as we are at the top level. This is because we are not worried about winning or losing and just enjoy the Chī Sáu and just training with our partners. During training we build up a very close relationship with our brothers and sisters and this relationship is so enjoyable. So from first just thinking about fighting training, winning and losing develop to a level where it does not matter and this is where we learn so much more. Through Chī Sáu we lean coordination and how to use less energy. We learn how to use the whole body, not just the arms and legs, and the importance of position and footwork.

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