Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #222

Benefits of Wing Chun pt3

Jyún Máh 轉馬

Then we come to learn the second form Tsum Kiu 尋橋. Now we learn how to move and be grounded. We learn Jyún Máh 轉馬which teaches us how to turn forty-five degrees and how to turn on or heels. This teaches us how turning on our heels affects our weight and power and makes us grounded. When we have learnt to be grounded, we then learn how to walk to the side with Wàahng Máh 横馬. During Wàahng Máh we learn the each time we step the get must remain shoulder width apart and we learn the importance of position and footwork. It is just like life, we need to be in a good position and stable, and this is how we progress.

Then we come to Jeun Máh 進馬, stepping forwards. Each time we step we must keep the weight on the back leg. When we lift up our foot to step we must keep it close to the ground to minimise the danger when we change. Again it teaches that in life whenever we make changes we need to be careful to minimise the risks in order to be stable and progress. If you are working on a company you need to be sure how to progress with less danger. Of you run a business you also need to be stable in order to progress in the right way with the smallest risk. Wing Chun teaches us that safety is important.

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