Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note #223

Benefits of Wing Chun pt4

Double Wu Sau
Jeun Máh 進馬

Then we learn more footwork with the Seven Star Footwork 七星步. We cover Jyún Máh轉馬, Wàahng Máh横馬, Jeun Máh 進馬, Teui Máh 退馬, Bui Máh, Faai Máh 快馬 and Gee Yàuh Máh. We train from stationary to turning, walking sideways or in a circle, walking forwards, backwards, thrusting step, fast step (including forwards and backwards) and random stepping. We need all this footwork in Wing Chun training. When someone attacks us directly, we need to be able to step to the side. To meet them directly face to face is not good. We need to walk forwards when we attack and we need to walk backwards when we are attacked. We need to attack all of a sudden and then we need to move faster than the opponent. We also need to move randomly so we have more choices, life is like this, we are not always in a good position and moving forwards. We need to learn how to step back, step to the side, walk around and when the opportunity is right move forwards. If the opponent is too good then we cannot wait and need to move forwards very quickly or backwards very quickly to stay away from the danger. Sometimes we need to move randomly so our enemies do not know our next move. This is Wing Chun.

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