Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 229

Examination by Grandmaster Ip Chun 葉準  Part 5

photo Grandmaster Ip Man on the Wooden Dummy
Grandmaster Ip Man on the Wooden Dummy

After the students finished their demonstration of Biu Zi 標指 ,  they all gathered around Grandmaster Ip Chun 葉準 to listen to his comments. Grandmaster Ip Chun began to advise them in a very gentle, but firm way. He said, “Your Biu Zi is not bad, but sometimes the movements are not clear enough, particularly when you strike with your Biu Zi, your other hand needs to pull back to  the side of your chest in a fist. Some of you don’t do that clearly. Each movement in Biu Zi needs to be clear and not messy. If you can do each movement clearly then your skill will be better. Pulling back the other hand when you withdraw your fist will help you create power in your Biu Zi  and also your elbow. This also the balances the strike.” All the students listen very carefully to the advice given them by Grandmaster Ip Chun, as this knowledge was very important for  their future Wing Chun training.

Then came the last group of students to demonstrate. This group was to demonstrate the first and second sections of the Wooden Dummy form. As it was the Wooden Dummy they had to do it one by one, but there were only 3 students in this group and so they finished their demonstrations quite quickly.

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