Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 240

Ng Mui Si Tai 五枚師太 – Part 9

Although Yìhm Yì h嚴二 was very worried about Ng Mui Si Tai’s 五枚師太 proposal, there was no other choice, and so he let his lovely daughter Yìhm Wing Chun 嚴詠春 follow Ng Mui Si Tai to White Crane Temple. 

Wing Chun Teacher
Master Tse, Grandmaster Ip Chun and students at the Ip Man Memorial Hall

White Crane Temple was very simple and very quiet, in fact, not many people even knew about it and it was also very difficult to get to, and this made it the perfect place for Ng Mui Si Tai to hideout and avoid the Qing Government and police. Ng Mui Si Tai settled Yìhm Wing Chun in a room and said to her, “Wing Chun you are very clever and have a very good heart. If you trust me and follow what I teach you, you will be all right. Do you trust me?”  Although Wing Chun felt very nervous, she found this Buddhist nun very kind and compassionated, but also spiritually very strong. She then said, “I trust you Si Tai.” Ng Mui Si Tai felt relief and smiling replied, “That is very good. From now on I am your Sīfú 師父. I have never had a Tòuh Dái 徒弟 (student) before, you are the only one. Come here and kneel down in front of Buddha and promise in front of Buddha that you, Yìhm Wing Chun will follow your Sīfú, Ng Mui Si Tai, and obey your Sīfú and be a good student.”

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