Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 241

Ng Mui Si Tai 五枚師太 – Part 10

Master Tse teaching

Yìhm Wing Chun 嚴詠春 repeated Ng Mui Si Tai’s 五枚師太 words and swore she would obey her Sīfú 師父 and be a good student. This is the traditional Chinese way. Sīfú and student perform a ceremony which is witnessed by Buddha or heaven and this creates a very strong relationship between two people as teacher and student – it is a bit like a marriage. Wing Chun brought a cup of Chinese tea and knelt down in front of Ng Mui Si Tai. Bowing her head she offered the cup of tea to her Sīfú. Ng Mui Si Tai took the cup of tea from Wing Chun and drank it full stop this meant that she had accepted her as a student and from that day on they were as close as a mother and daughter. Ng Mui Si Tai then told Wing Chun about Shaolin Temple 少林寺 and how it was burnt down by the Qing Government,  how she had escaped into hiding and that she had a high level of Shaolin Kung Fu. Ng Mui Si Tai  then went on to explain that she had developed a new style of Kung Fu which she would now pass on to her and so Wing Chun would be the first person to learn it. Ng Mui Si Tai then said, “This Kung Fu in particular is good for women who are weaker than men, we need to use our best part and that is our gentleness and sensitivity in order to feel our opponent’s strength, so we can avoid using force against force. We need to find their strengths and weaknesses in order to avoid their strength and hit their weakness!” 

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