Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 242

Ng Mui Si Tai 五枚師太 – Part 11

Kwun Sau
Master Tse teaching Wooden Dummy

The next day Yìhm Wing Chun 嚴詠春 followed her Sīfú 師父, Ng Mui Si Tai 五枚師太, to begin practising Kung Fu. Ng Mui Si Tai said, “Gūng Lihk 功力 is the most important thing and it comes from the stance. If you have good Gūng Lihk then your power and sensitivity will be better.” Every day Wing Chun practised Siu Lim Tao for twenty minutes to half an hour and as time went by, eventually she built it up to one hour every day. Meanwhile she learnt Chāt Sīng Bouh 七星步 (Seven Star Footwork) and also began to the Chī Sáu, from single hand to double hands. Whilst learning these things she also learnt about all the acupuncture points and the times of day which relate to the acupuncture points and channels. She needed to memorise poems of all the acupuncture points, their meanings for healing and blocking the flow of Qi. Wing Chun was very smart and she remembered all the poems off by heart after only a few days. She also needed to practice touching and pointing at those acupuncture points on a wooden dummy and to develop strong fingers for grabbing and stabbing. Eventually Wing Chun could hit the acupuncture points on any area of a person’s body to hurt and weaken them, and she could do this very quickly at a short distance.

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