Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 253

Ng Mui Si Tai 五枚師太 – Part 23

Hard Soft Laap Sau
Master Tse against a bigger opponent

It was too fast!  The Leader was struck twice on each side of his face!  Fortunately for him he was strong and he did not fall, but his face was red!  In a rage he swung his right arm across to Wing Chun 詠春 who stepped back a little bit, just enough to avoid his swing! He tried again, but he could not touch Wing Chun at all! He forgot though, every time we attack at the same time we are open and there is a weak point. So as the Leader swung and missed, Wing Chun moved in and punched the centre of his chest three times! Each punch was powerful and she only used power when her fist was close to his chest. She was so accurate and hit is centre of gravity with three powerful punches!  The Leader fell to the floor! He could not believe that a little girl could knock him down in front of all of his gang!  At that moment he completely lost face and was totally humiliated!  In a blind rage and no longer caring, he jumped up and grabbed the nearest sword that was lying on the ground and raised it up to chop down on Wing Chun’s head. He was so close to her how she could escape!

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