Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 255

Ng Mui Si Tai 五枚師太 – Part 25

Master Tse leads a group of students

Wing Chun 詠春 thought about it, “What should I do with all these people?” She asked herself. After a while had an idea and then said to them with a very serious look on her face, “I will be your leader, you will listen to me and follow and do exactly what I tell you. Otherwise you can leave, but if I hear or see you doing anything criminal, I will find you, and you know what will happen.” All the men bowed and shouted, “Yes Boss!” Wing Chun nodded, “Now go back to your rooms there is nothing for you to do now. If you are still here in the morning this means you agree to follow me and I will be your leader. I will then introduce you to the villagers on Da Liang Mountain 大凉山 and you will be given jobs and so you can work for your food and shelter.” All the men listened to Wing Chun and then returned to their rooms.

Wing Chun left the camp and returned home to see her father. When she arrived she saw there was a letter on the table. She opened it and found that it was from her Sīfú 師父.

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