Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 264

Grandmaster Ip Chun 葉準 Seminar Part 4

Master Tse & Grandmaster Ip Chun

Grandmaster Ip Chun 葉準 went on to say, “Wing Chun is no secret. You can see it and you can follow it. All you need is to practise more Chī Sáu 黐手and forms, and to think about it. Then eventually you will work out.” He then invited anyone to ask questions. Amanda was one of the first people to ask a question. She said, “When I Chī Sáu with someone taller than me, I need to lift my Bóng Sáu 膀手 higher. However, when you Chī Sáu’d with taller opponents you did not?” Grandmaster replied, “You don’t need to lift your Bóng Sáu higher when doing Chī Sáu, especially in a one hand position. What you need is a good distance. Then you opponent cannot easily hit you. It is all about distance. If your distance is good then your Bóng Sáu can be in a good position and can defend you. Often, how well we do in Chī Sáu it is not about our opponent, it is about ourselves.”

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