Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 265

Grandmaster Ip Chun 葉準 Seminar Part 5

Master Tse and Grandnaster Ip Chun

The next question came from Jordan. He asked his Tai Sigong, “When you Chī Sáu 黐手 with my Sīfú (Darryl) and Sigong (myself), what method do you use to handle them?” This was a very interesting question because Darryl is Jordan’s Sīfú 師父 and I am his Sigong 師公, therefore we are both more senior and have better technique than him. He wanted to know how Grandmaster could handle us and what he felt from us. Grandmaster Ip Chun 葉準 replied, “When I Chi Sau with them I do not use a lot of force. To do this you need a lot of experience but then you will know what to do. Also do not think about attacking because each attack is an opportunity for our opponent to find a mistake or catch our hand. Then they can hurt us back. In the end we still need to relax, use less energy and wait for our opportunity.”

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