Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 274

How Does a Lady Chī Sáu 黐手with a Man pt2

Master Tse Chi Sau’s with a female student

In the beginning, when a lady learns how to Chī Sáu 黐手 with a stronger man, safety is the most important. In order to have this you must have good footwork and good sensitivity. So practising the Seven Star Footwork 七星步 often is crucial, and doing Chī Sáu with lots of different people. It is hard for a junior to Chī Sáu with a senior and can be even more so if you are a lady and the senior is strong. However, you need to gain more experience and should not worry about being hit. This is the journey you must take if you want to be good at Wing Chun. You have to have good experience and also enough techniques, I would say at least 50 Chī Sáu techniques, and also have good Gūng Lihk 功力. When these are good everyone, men included, will find it hard to hit you. Then they will try to go faster and also try to reach around you as they have longer arms. Then you can step back to avoid them, but never step back more than three steps. Generally, on the third step you hit back and hit hard. Once you have done the first hit you should continue hitting. This strategy will work as they will not be expecting you to attack. Use surprise and attack harder than usual.

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