Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 275

How Does a Lady Chī Sáu 黐手with a Man – part 3

Master Tse Chi Sau’s with a female instructor

In Chī Sáu 黐手, when a man cannot easily hit a lady, because her footwork is good, he will start to use more force, like grabbing hold of her hands and using Laap Sáu擸手 . If you are that lady, then you should first keep a good distance, so he cannot reach you without having to lean forwards. If he grabs you with both hands it means he has not free hands to hit you, so as long as you keep the distance you are safe. He has to let go of one hand to hit you, but then you also have one free hand to block him, therefore it is equal. As he cannot gain an advantage you are safe. If he lets go and still tries to control your other hand, then you should hit back very quickly. Do not worry about being hit as he is still focused on grabbing your other hand and so his free hand is slow. You should hit him quickly and many times in many ways, like up and down. Even if he tries to block, you will eventually hit him as you are only focused on hitting with one hand and he is focused on two hands, one is grabbing you, and so he is worried about losing control of it. When he losing control of your other hand, then you should hit him with both hands and now he will be focused on defending you attacks. Therefore grabbing hold of someone for too long will always put you at a disadvantage.

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