Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 280

Wing Chun Family Tree part 4

Statue of Grandmaster Ip Man doing Chi Sau

Lèuhng Bok Chàuh梁博儔 had of course heard of his new wife’s Kung Fu and so on their wedding night he decided to test her. He was a strong man and he also knew a little Kung Fu, but of course he could not gain any advantage. The story goes that Yìhm Wing Chun嚴詠春’s Yìh Jih Kìhm Yèuhng Máh 二字鉗羊馬 was so good Lèuhng Bok Chàuh was unable to move her! After they were married Lèuhng Bok Chàuh became Yìhm Wing Chun’s first student, and he also became very good at Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Lèuhng Bok Chàuh had a nephew (or relatives)called Lèuhng Làahn Gwai 梁蘭桂, who he liked him very much and they got along very well, so he taught Lèuhng Làahn Gwai Wing Chun Kung Fu and of course Wing Chun must also have helped to teach him. In the old times the men were in charge of the family and so Lèuhng Làahn Gwai was student of Lèuhng Bok Chàuh. Làahn Gwai studied very hard and after a few years he reached a very high level of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Làahn Gwai was also a merchant and he liked to watch Cantonese Opera. He got along with many of the Opera actors who lived and travelled the country on boats which were called Hùhng Syùhn 紅船 – Red Boat

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