Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 281

Wing Chun Family Tree pt 5

On the Hùhng Syùhn 紅船, Red Boat, there was a very good actor named Wong Wàa Bóu 黄華寶, and as Lèuhng Làahn Gwai 梁蘭桂 had been to see the opera so often he got to know Wong Wàa Bóu and got along with him very well. So Lèuhng Làahn Gwai passed Wing Chun Kung Fu on to him. After many years Wong Wàa Bóu reached a very high level in Wing Chun Kung Fu. Wong had a very good friend on the Hùhng Syùhn who was called Lèuhng Yih Táih 梁二娣. Lèuhng Yih Táih was very strong man. On the Hùhng Syùhn there were actors, musicians, chefs and many other workers so that the Opera company could travel from place to place to perform. In the past many opera performers also knew Kung Fu. It was Lèuhng Yih Táih job to punt the boat along with a long heavy pole when they got to shallow water. He had to use the pole to push the boat in any direction, so he had to be very strong. He was also good at fighting with his pole. His pole style had six and half techniques and was called Lùhk Dím Bun Gwan 六點半棍.

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