Master Tse’s Wing Chun Note 284

Wing Chun Family Tree part 8

Lèuhng Jan’s 梁贊 most famous student was Chàhn Wàh Seuhn 陳華順. Chàhn Wàh Seuhn had the most studetns, his skill was very high and he earned respect as he had many challengers and defeated all of them.

Chàhn Wàh Seuhn (1849-1905) was born in Guangdong Province 廣東省, Shun De District順德區. When he was young he worked in a rice shop and it was said he could carry and run with a 100kg sack of rice. So he was very strong, and he was also good at calculations. Later on he changed his job and would carry a very heavy basket that was full of coins to the market. Then if people wanted to small change they would come to him and change their larger coins and money note. This is why he gained the nickname, Jau Chin Wah 找錢華, which means Money Changing Wah.

Chàhn Wàh Seuhn loved Kung Fu but it was not until he was 39 that he started to study with Lèuhng Jan. Of course, Lèuhng Jan was very strict and very careful when accepting new students, but Chàhn Wàh Seuhn was fair, sincere and hard working, and so was accepted. At the time Lèuhng Jan was quite old and so to beign with Chàhn Wàh Seuhn was taught by his Sīhīng 師兄 (Elder Kung Fu Brother) Leih Wàh 李華 (whose nickname was Muhk Yàhn Wàh 木人華 which means Wooden Man Wah). In the past it was quite normal for the seniors to teach the juniors. Chàhn Wàh Seuhn studied with Leih Wàh until 1889 when Leih Wàh passed away. Then Lèuhng Jan personally taught Chàhn Wàh Seuhn.

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